Minecraftians Remake Ocarina Of Time. The Best Minecraft Reimagining You’ve Ever Seen

As far as Minecraft remakes go, we’ve seen a mind-boggling number of blocky reinterpretations, from a complete remake of GTA V’s long-rumoured teaser trailer, to catchy chip-tune renditions of modern music.  But in a project that has so far taken a whole 9 months to achieve, a few intrepid Minecraft players have done something truly incredible. Welcome to ‘Hyrulecraft’; an alarmingly faithful, to-scale reproduction of the world inhabited by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The team has just made the server live, meaning the marvellous achievement is now open to the public. Behold the wonderful creation in the video at the foot of this article.

Currently in just an ‘alpha’ stage of development, the team behind say the building of the world was just the very beginning; Hyrulecraft is expected to feature quests, NPCs, dungeons and even guilds in the coming future. Again, it shows just how versatile a platform Minecraft is in that such a grand project can come to fruition, and once again allows us to remember the love we hold for Notch’s most prized creation.   

Source: GenGame