All rumours point to Next Xbox and PS4 debut at E3 2012

UK games industry magazine MCV has reported on information from a reliable source, claiming that we will see the announcement of Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles at E3 2012.

In what would be a strategically sound move to divert at least some of the attention from the imminent Wii U, all signs thus far have directed to an announcement pretty soon, and some of us expected it to be an E3 effort from Microsoft, seeing as it's still the most significant name in video games expos.  After the recent patent for new DVR technology, it seems that Redmond will have something on the way.  But it seems a surprise for Sony to make an appearance, as the company have kept their next-gen cards close to their chest.  In the grand scheme of things though, it seems like a logical decision.

With it being an unannounced source, people have called 'false' on the rumour.  In response, MCV's Online Editor, Ben Parfitt, took to his Twitter account 

Obviously we can't reveal our sources. But you have my personal word on this - the source is exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level

We look forward to seeing what (if anything) next generation will be coming out of the final two console competitors to not throw their hats into the ring.

Source: MCV