Thieves Make Off With $1.5 Million iPad Mini Haul In JFK Heist


In a heist reminiscent of that pulled off in Goodfellas, a pair have made off with a haul of Apple iPad Mini's (3,600 of them to be precise) from a cargo building at New York City's JFK airport.

Loading up two pallet loads of the recently-released and much sought after tablet computers shortly before midnight on Monday using the airport's own forklifts, according to the New York Post, the thieves made off with an estimated $1.5 millions' worth – though whether that's real-world street value or 'Apple value' we can not be sure. The Mini's were destined for locations around the US, and were part of a much larger shipment of the tablets being shipped by a company called Cargo Airport Services.

Despite the caper bearing a striking resemblance to the 1978 Lufthansa heist in which $5 million in cash and close to a million dollars in jewellery was nabbed from the very same JFK cargo building, sources indicate airport officials not only let the two thieves into the area, but also let them back out after the audacious robbery. Way to go, security.

Richard Birkett