'Pokémon 3D' Remakes Gold/Silver As First-Person RPG

It's fair to say that a 3D Pokemon game for home consoles has been at the top of fans' lists ever since the original released.  This isn't quite the game you've dreamt of; but it's the entire universe of Pokemon Gold/Silver, ready to be explored in all three dimensions.

Developed by a fan by the name of "nilllzz," this game, as you can safely assume, has absolutely nothing to do with original creators GameFreak.  This is merely a passion project, which has re-invigorated the demands for a home console-based version of Pokemon.  It's a strange feeling to be playing the same universe you played from a top-down perspective in the first person.  Kind of jarring; but makes for a really interesting experiment.

You can download it and try it for yourself at indieDB.com.

Jason England