Leap Motion Partners With HP To Embed Gesture Control In Computers

Leap Motion has announced a partnership with HP to embed 3D motion control in a line of computers.

This relationship will start with the Leap Motion Controller bundled with select upcoming products, and will evolve into this innovative form of human/computer interaction being embedded right into a set of HP products.  

The company has declined to say whether this will be built-in laptops or desktops, or give an exact release date (they are waiting for HP to drop that knowledge).  But according to the newly launched Amazon pre-order page, the Leap Motion will be available for purchase on June 1st, so it shouldn't be that far away!

The unit embedded in machines will be similar in size to the production model, but about half as thick at just three millimetres.  Based on positioning, it can present a wide variety of ways the user can interact, such as placing it in the screen bezel so it can see the desk, or placing it by the keyboard for the more traditional Minority Report-esque control.

"The possibilities for innovation are incredible, when you think about what will come from this collaboration between two respected global leaders in their fields - HP, the world's largest technology company and Leap Motion, creator of the world's most powerful 3-D motion-control technology," said Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald.

Beyond this hardware partnership, Leap Motion will also be pushing to attract a developer community through a strong software offering.  All applications wrote for the hardware will be added to a pre-loaded store called 'Airspace,' which will allow users to discover all forms of gaming, music, education, art, productivity and many more experiences that make the most of gesture control.

"Leap Motion's groundbreaking 3-D motion control combined with HP technology and amazing developer apps will create incredible user experiences," said Ron Coughlin, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer PCs at HP.