10 More Classic Games That Deserve A Remake

The gaming world seems to be getting high on the idea of remakes.

games to remake.jpg

That nostalgic feeling of being transported back to your childhood with a classic game, which has been given a new lick of paint, is a very nice one to have.

You may have seen I already did a list on this, but felt it was impossible to talk about all the games which belong on here.

So sit back and enjoy another ten.

1. Metal Gear

If you’re going to start a list, start off strong, right? Metal Gear introduced a whole new style of gaming to an unsuspecting crowd in 1987.

And as the story of Metal Gear is so important to the whole lore of the series, referenced many times through other games, it’s only fair it gets a remake to catch people up - provide a holistic view of the entire series to gamers everywhere.

Of course, Konami are having a bit of weird moment to say the least, but let’s see what happens…

2. Half-Life

From one juggernaut to another. I’ve become settled to the fact I will never get a Half-Life 3. It’s a depressing realisation, but one that we have to face.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about a reinvention of the blockbuster original that took the FPS world by storm. Let’s take Gordon Freeman’s story forward a little bit - implementing the Source engine and upgrading the gameplay to 2019 standards.

Plus, given how incredible Half-Life 2 looked, sounded and played, it’s only fair this original gets the same treatment.

3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk has had a fair bit of bad luck recently when it came to video games.

The new Pro Skater title absolutely bombed through being utterly unplayable, so allow me to propose a solution - let’s head back to the best game of the series (complete with the original soundtrack that absolutely bangs).

Add in many of the combo gameplay elements from games beyond this, such as reverts, and job’s a good’un, you’ve got a blockbuster on your hands.

4. Medal of Honor

No, I’m not talking about that recent attempt to reinvent MOH with modern combat. I’m talking about the classic, one vs all WW2 shooter.

If Doom proved anything, people still crave these kinds of experiences to distract you from your day-to-day stresses. Give me the chance to kill a whole bunch of Nazis with updated visuals and better FPS gameplay.

5. Bully (Canis Canem Edit)

Released to a whole lot of controversy, this ended up being so much more than just Grand Theft Auto-meets-Grange Hill.

This tale of controlling and correcting a boarding institution, and gradually becoming the good guy is a great one to play through. It pulled off a nice little variety of missions (something that even RDR2 doesn’t achieve), from attending classes with mini games and halloween.

Plus, imagine if Rockstar took their current engine and gave Bully a little tune-up…pretty good right?

6. Bushido Blade

Why did Tekken and Street Fighter continue, but Bushido Blade didn’t survive!? Released on PS1, this unique samurai fighter with no health bars and no time limits.

All it takes is one hit with the katana to down your opponent or get killed yourself. It was a uniquely tense experience that I feel would be great in the new world of fighting games…

7. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

You may have noticed that Second Sight was part of my previous list, which basically came out at the same time. Psi-Ops is a little more shooting focussed, but the psychic powers are still as present as ever.

Thanks to the Havok Engine that ran on this game at the time, the powers had a certain wow factor. Now, I’m not sure who has the rights to this game anymore, the industry has changed a lot since then. But it’s an opportune time for a rebirth of the game, with updated physics and graphics!

8. Driver

Driver came absolutely out of nowhere and revolutionised what we expect of a driving game - giving us that raw feeling of being in a classic film cop chase.

Of course, that feeling didn’t last long, as the third Driver game bombed, but just think what it would be like to step back into Tanner’s shoes with updated visuals and relive these glory days… I know that Grand Theft Auto has the majority share on free roaming games, but that’s not what made Driver good. Focus on the strengths - the driving, feeling like a badass evading the cops. That was the beauty.


A bonafide classic that I didn’t include on my list of Playstation classics that deserve remakes (much to the anger of what seems to be the internet).

This squad-based shooter would work really well as not just a single-player experience, but as a hardcore multiplayer game. Maybe even a Battle Royale mode for those out there who love that mode? But the focus would be team tactics.

10. The Thing

Terrifying enough on PS2, but probably way more scary on PS4. Upgrade those visuals, give the gameplay a slight spruce up, and put a massive spotlight on the psychological side of it all.

Horror has very much entered its renaissance, and we should 100% look to turn back to the classic - based on the classic movie of the same name.