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How To Make Sure Facebook Isn’t Listening To Your Conversations

Is Facebook spying on you, using your phone’s microphone? While I believe they’re not (they don’t need to), it’s fair to doubt me. With that in mind, here’s what you can do to make sure they have no possible way of listening to your conversations.

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The Muppets try Google+ Hangouts in new ad

So Google, being the company to not do things by half, have released a new ad promoting it's social networking efforts, showing the Muppets sharing a 'Hangout' group chat.

We couldn't help but smile at our childhood icons (particular favourite has to be Beaker), share the video conferencing stage to cover Queen and David Bowie's classic "Under Pressure."  Google couldn't help but show us the situation where "famously good friends get together in a Google+ Hangout, to rock out and blow off steam."

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Samsung schools Apple with ad in Australia: "the tablet Apple tried to stop"

So as you probably may well know, Samsung and Apple have been in legal competition for a while in Australia, primarily over similar comparisons between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2.  Since the sales ban was lifted last week on Samsung, they've celebrated their victory in the local press.

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Tesco Comes Up Trumps With Modern Warfare 3’s Best Ad Yet

As keen purveyors of gaming advertisements, recent months have seen us indebted to some of the most inventive, engaging and seductive ads in quite some time.

Fuelled by marketing budgets in the millions, we’ve bear witness to an awe-inspiring Forza Motorsport 4 ad that has rekindled our passion for motorsport, seen a downright gritty interpretation of Tamriel in Skyrim’s live-action trailer and laughed at the superbly-played ‘Vet versus Noob’ advert for Modern Warfare 3 featuring a stoic, down-to-business Sam Worthington and a bumbling Jonah Hill.

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