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How are memories created? Study by University of Leicester and UCLA finds out

While we've figured out many aspects of human life through scientific endeavour, one of the most fascinating is still one shrouded in mystery: how does human memory work? How do we create unforgettable episodes of time in our mind, which we are reminded of at certain locations or with certain people?

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Brain-Controlled Helicopter Takes Flight On Kickstarter


The Puzzlebox Orbit, a flying helicopter orb guided by brainwaves, has successfully exceeded its target funding on Kickstarter.  

Brainwave data is transmitted via a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset to software running on either the pyramid-shaped base (called the Puzzlebox Pyramid) for the helicopter, or a tablet/smartphone.  Through this, your thoughts are turned into flight commands and your spherical helicopter takes to the skies.

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DARPA Threat Detection System Uses Brainwaves To Spot Enemies

Ever had that subconscious feeling trouble is behind you?  Turns out The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have managed to harness this undetected human brainwaves with the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS): a threat detection system with enhanced monitoring. 

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