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Will We Soon Need To “Opt-In” At Broadband Sign-Up To View Online Pornography?

Under-18s may soon have to pluck up the courage to ask their parents to remove that block on internet pornography if ministers of the UK government get their way in approving a change in the law that would give parents even more control over the type of content their broadband provider provides.

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Porn Publisher Sues Tumblr Over Photo Use

If you're a user of the social micro-blogging service, you'll be more than well aware of the presence of near-incessantly uploaded and reblogged pornographic imagery.  That is until now, however, as Perfect 10, a pornography publisher has launched a lawsuit against the platform for ingringing on its copyrighted material.


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Anonymous targets child pornography

So after taking down the likes of Sony and threatening the destruction of Facebook, Anonymous has turned its online vigilantism and activism to the world of child pornography sites.

The “hacktivists” are targeting web host Freedom Hosting and accusing it of knowingly hosting child pornography.  This marks a paradigm shift for Anonymous, moving away from hitting big corporate businesses in the name of anarchism to a more noble goal.

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