iCloud website goes live ready for iOS5

It's limited to 'Find My iPhone' at the moment; but the iCloud website has gone live in preparation for the imminent launch of iOS5.

As you can see above, the interface is very much a giant, browser-based set of iPhone app icons.  It looks enticing; but it's a catch-22. Sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and you’ll be greeted with the following message: “To set up iCloud, go to iOS 5 Settings or OS X Lion System Preferences”. And most users can’t do that since they can’t install the latest versions of iOS and Lion just yet (should be out later today).  As soon as the update rolls in, everything will be live.

Other updates have come into view ready for iOS5 and the impending iPhone 4S (a phone we have both loved and hated in our editorial): iTunes has received it's official update to 10.5.  UK won't have the iTunes in the Cloud service from launch however. 

Nip over to iCloud.com to get started...with a set of dimmed icons.