EA Face Law Suit For Battlefield 1943 Omission. Should Warner Bros. Face Similar Treatment?

Today, a class action lawsuit was filed against EA by US law firm Edelson McGuire over its promise to consumers that Battlefield 1943 – EA DICE’s online multiplayer shooter – could be redeemed when purchasing Battlefield 3 on the PS3.

EA later pulled the promotion, though not in time for the game’s North American launch, with consumers nonplussed at its exclusion. Unjustifiably, EA only then confessed via a reply on Twitter; apologising and offering 'early access' to the game's DLC, despite the fact the company had promised weeks earlier that exact same thing. The tweet went as follows:

In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.

However, it's not an isolated incident. Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. might well feel let of the hook somewhat after assurances to consumers that Catwoman was to play a significant role within Batman: Arkham City, despite the fact the sections involving the feisty feline were only unlocked after entering a one-time use code in the box – a debacle in itself when myriad copies of the game came with erroneous or even missing codes -  or purchasing access for 800 MSP. It's a little wonder publishers and retailers alike are going to such lengths to entice players into pre-ordering, but it sets a dangerous precedent when the respective party fails to fulfil their duties.

Source: Kotaku, Gamepolitics

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