Tesco Comes Up Trumps With Modern Warfare 3’s Best Ad Yet

As keen purveyors of gaming advertisements, recent months have seen us indebted to some of the most inventive, engaging and seductive ads in quite some time.

Fuelled by marketing budgets in the millions, we’ve bear witness to an awe-inspiring Forza Motorsport 4 ad that has rekindled our passion for motorsport, seen a downright gritty interpretation of Tamriel in Skyrim’s live-action trailer and laughed at the superbly-played ‘Vet versus Noob’ advert for Modern Warfare 3 featuring a stoic, down-to-business Sam Worthington and a bumbling Jonah Hill.

This latest effort comes from a more unlikely source, Tesco, in what is likely to strike a chord with gamers’ wives all over the world. Created by ad agency The Red Brick Road (who also produced Tesco’s 2011 Christmas advert), the set-up sees the man of the house coming in from a shop at Tesco’s, seemingly at the behest of his wife whom is in the full throes of baking. Cue the nonplussed expression on his face when she asks for the eggs, only to delve into the carrier bag to reveal a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here’s proof that effective advertisement for the biggest game of 2011 needn’t use elaborate pyrotechnic displays and macho bravado, just some plain-old commentary on the disconnect felt by other halves this Christmas. Brilliant. 

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