World's first manned multicopter/flying human blender takes to the skies

Had to be quite a brave chap to do this.  Four quadrocopters propelled a human into the skies, and into the aviation history books last week in Germany.

Plenty of fantastic achievements have been made with some copters, motion sensors, gyroscopes and some intuitive design and programming; but to make a craft which could be ridden is something that didn't really cross our mind, probably because of the vain possibility of a Mortal Kombat-esque fatality of dismemberment and further dismemberment of the aforementioned dismembered through the collection of propellors you see surrounding the partakee.

A company called E-Volo launched the multicopter from a grassy field, hovering for a minute and a half before descending safely, and with body parts in tact.  

"The flight charateristics are good natured.  Without any steering input it would just hover there on the spot."  Thomas Senkel, Graduate physicist and the brain behind the operation at E-Volo commented.

The team were quick to call it the first manned electric multicopter flight in history (George De Bothezat would think it trivial); but they recorded the whole thing, so watch the video below.

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