Playstation movie store viral ads take us into virtual reality

So Sony's recent viral campaign to promote the newly introduced video store on PS3 presents us with a virtual reality experience that we whole heartedly crave for.

Created by the recruited agencies Studio Output and the Marshmallow Laser Factory, Sony appointed them to build a series of viral films to promote the Playstation Video Store (via the tagline 'Great films fill rooms'), which resulted in the VR shots we got here, using 3D mapping, a steadicam and head-tracking via attached Playstation Move controllers.

The 3D environment is projected onto the real-life scene, which combined with the motion tracking of the camera as it moves and chances perspective, can alter with it.  This means the technology can pull off some pretty nifty 3D illusions, such as the simulation of a 3D holodeck over a bottomless pit.  Of course, introduce some   Take a look at them all down below.  We prefer the Transformer-esque scene.

Source: Great films fill rooms

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