The Round-up: Sexting, the VGAs and a whole lot of hate towards the English

So a pretty big week has passed us by, giving we few writers a hell of a lot to cover.  Permit us, if you will, to assist those who are late to the metaphorical nrm party (we say metaphorical both because that the party is a metaphor for the audience for the website, and also that the thought of any of us hosting a party is laughable imaginary), by offering a whole seven days of coverage in a nice concise package of links for you to divulge upon.  Next Call of Duty in space?  Google search returning results that call English rhymes with hunt?  A hydro-jetpack?  Strap in.  This one's a doozy!


Treyarch busy recruiting for next Call of Duty.  To be set in space?

EU clamping down on business privacy breaches with steep fines (Big problem for the likes of Facebook and Sony's PSN)

Game of Thrones RPG set for European release 


DARPA solves challenge to read shredded documents

Study: Teens aren't really sexting that much any more

Obsidian developing South Park RPG, more details revealed

Music video celebrates iPhone games with Real-life versions

Kinect mod for Skyrim allows you to unleash Dragon Shouts in a whole new way


Facebook Timeline releases today

All about 8-bit Metal (loved writing this one!)

8-foot iNuke Boom iPod Dock ready for debut at CES

Official Xbox Live app available on iOS

Brief Facebook exploit saw Zuckerberg private photos posted online


Blogger charged $2.5 million for not being a journalist

SETI begins looking for alien life again. Restarts Allen Telescope Array

The camera that filmed Star Wars sold for £400,000

OnLive comes to Tablets and Smartphones

Fly like Iron Man with the Water-powered flyboard

7 billion gifts from MANta Claus a.k.a The Old Spice Guy

Infographic: A History of Western Typefaces


All about the new

What defines an English person?  Google knows.

Play Xbox 360 and PS3 games on Google Chrome

Graphics researchers discover the secret behind rainbows


Facebook Memology presents the most popular topics and cultural trends of 2011

DARPA invests $13.4 million in thermal cameras for smartphones

Twitter gets a convicted man off Death Row


Spike TV VGA Awards 2011: The Round-up

This week in new releases

The Round-up: Sexting, the VGAs and a whole lot of hate towards the English (infinite loop)